Disaster Relief Solutions Division

Rental Solutions and Events is your one stop shop for your DIsaster Relief camp and emergency services.


Disaster Relief Temporary Camps and Emergency Support Equipment / Services

Losberger Inflatable structures

From Sleeping tents, decon units, operating tent, command posts, these structures setup in minutes and can be combined together to setup tent cities/camps!

Service's and Rentals include turnkey solutions.  We can provide our client with individual equipment or a full service camp; Including:

  • Temporary Shelters

  • Tenting (Clearspan, Pole, etc)

  • Power & HVAC

  • Kitchen Trailers

  • Tented Kitchens

  • Kitchen / Catering Equip.

  • Laundry Trailer

  • ​Shower Trailer

  • Restroom Services

  • Office Trailers

  • Inflatable Structures

  • Bunk Tents / Trailers

  • Onsite Support 24 / 7

  • Emergency Services

  • Catering Services

  • Water Systems

Servicing you 24/7

We are here for our clients 24/7.  Those that we have worked with know the commitment that our team has in making sure you are satisfied and have the equipment and service you need.

Disaster Relief services are always priority and we make this process of your recovery the least stressful.  We know you have alot more on your mind then worrying about setting up emergency services, that is what we do!  One call away so that you can help others in time of need.

  • Always available for YOU! Big or small, local or National​

Tented Kitchen POD's

We offer Kitchen POD's for Tented Kitchens.  These units give protection over cooking equipment and allow cooking under tents.  check them out at Mobile Kitchen Solutions.